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Connor {3 year photos}

Early in the 2016 football season I was able to photograph little Connor, and his parents, when he was turning the big 3!! His dad is a HUGE TN Volunteer fan so we thought we would swing by the stadium for a few shots just out front and then we would head down to a garden area for more scenic photos. Little did we know there was a tour going on at the same time we were at the stadium. We asked the guy at the gate if we could just walk in for a minute or two for a photo even though we weren’t a part of this group of people and we got the okay! So surprisingly we were able to shoot Connor’s birthday photos AND his first time inside of Neyland Stadium at the same time! Such a wonderful memory! He had such a blast running back and forth on the field and playing catch with his dad (who was just in heaven!). Needless to say we didn’t really make it to any other locations for more photos but I think the stadium turned out to be a perfect option for this family!


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