thank you

dear friend

Just a little note from me to you! I know life is busy. I know there are a million photographers out in the world. I know it takes time and focused attention to search websites looking for the best fit for you. I just wanted to thank you for considering me and my work! Being a small business in a big city is tough and every little bit of support helps! I would be no where without the wonderful families and individuals who let me photograph them. This job has been a dream of mine for years and has taken those years to build to where I am at now. I am grateful every day for people like you who believe in me! So from the bottom of my heart...Thank You! My little family appreciates you more than you know!






>loves to draw and create
>is an avid reader
>loves to be on her phone
>enjoys girlie time & shopping
>loves being outside in nature climbing trees
>wants to be a graphic designer


you've already learned all about me on my about we are skipping me!

>manager at a restaurant 
>has the biggest heart even tho he acts tough
>loves to cook & is amazing at it
>is a giver to his core
>loves to spoil those he cares about
>animals & children love him


>has a huge heart for others
>loves video games
>plays baseball and wants to go pro
>is a snuggle bug 
>super smart in math & reading
>has a quick wit and sense of humor

Thank you!
I will be in touch soon!
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