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Meg, Tiffany, & Trinity {family}

Family. It isn’t always about the people in your life who are blood related. It’s about the people who you want in your life and who want you to be in theirs. It’s the people you can count on, trust, laugh with, cry with. It’s the people who accept you as you are. Who love you unconditionally. Who support you in all that you do and believe in.

Meg may not be blood related to Tiffany and Trinity…but she is definitely family. Tiffany and Meg are truly sisters at heart. With a friendship so close Tiffany asked Meg to be Trinity’s God Mother when she was born. (A great choice if you ask me!!) These three have such a sweet relationship. I foresee so many fun girl days ahead in their future! It is such a blessing in life to find friends you know will be by your side throughout your future.

As you view these images I know you will be able to feel the happiness and love shared between them. Their smiles and eyes just radiate happiness! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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